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Diana and Lola in their pink tent at Cypress College.


Welcome bella! Covar Beauty is a sister team which consist of Diana and Lola. Our motto around here is:

"Naturally beautiful. Everything else is art."

Neither one of us really considers themselves bloggers. However, when we set out to start this business, one of our major goals was to give our customers a unique experience, one where you can feel part of the dream. Because as a family owned business, we want you to feel like familia, you're one of us now sis... and when one of us wins, we all win!

Being sorta newbies to the blogging world meant not really knowing where to start but your questions over on our Instagram definitely helped, thank you!

We were inspired to start Covar Beauty from our dream to be our own bosses, from seen how hard our parents have worked their whole lives and hoping to be able to provide for them one day. And of course from our latino/chicano community, who are true hustlers. When society closes doors on us, we say forget buildings and corporations and we start businesses from our front yard, in bikes, trucks, carritos de mercado, swamp meets or just pick a busy intersection with a bucket full of flowers   

That's how Covar Beauty started too, with nothing more than a couple of dollars and a big dream. We had talked about being business partners for years, because who better to have your back than your sister. One day we realized that the perfect moment didn't exist, sometimes you just have to go for it and hope for the best. If you don't try you already failed, but if you try you might succeed, why not test those odds? 

As for why makeup? Well that's easy we love makeup lol. I mean we are both passionate about a lot of different things, but makeup just seemed like a natural pick for both of us. We also felt like there was a need we could fulfill in our community with this business, In the sense that there was no local stores or vendors who could provide expert advice with affordable products in our community. We were thinking of our mom and other señoras like her who are sometimes intimidated or can't afford buying from big corporate chain stores. But still want to buy makeup that makes them feel special, works with their budget and want guidance in their language. 

Once we were set on really doing this, we started making decisions like our name, logo, how we would start and where. We also made sure to agree in short and long term goals for our business because you need to speak your goals into existence. For the name we wanted something that represent the both of us equally so we went with a sorta acronym of our last name (Covarrubias) we had both been using Covar as our last name in social media or emails for a long time because it's short and easy. As for the logo we wanted it to represent our inspiration from chicano culture, so we chose a font similar to Old English because of it's tie to the culture. We decided to start buying little by little the best affordable makeup we could find and started selling it in pop ups to build a network.

We will forever be grateful to the friends who helped us figure out permits, to our first customers who believed in us and to all the other small business vendors who we have met since, you inspire us. So far we have met all our short term goals like increase our brand with our own products, launch an online store within half a year and now with your help we're looking towards the future.

It hasn't being easy, it takes a lot of hard work, commitment and sacrifices. Like not sleeping in on Pop-Up sale Sundays because we have to be up and ready by 5 am. Yes, there's disagreements (we are sisters) but it's out of passion for the business and it's all love at the end of the day. Because although we are similar in so many ways, we are unique individuals with different perspectives but that is also what makes this work. The fact that we both bring different perspectives and skills to the table is part of what keeps this business fed. The other part that fuels this dream is you, thank you for choosing us!

Tell us how you became part of the family in the comments below. How do you feel about the blog? Do you like it? Should we do more? What would you like for us to write about?  

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