10 Makeup Trends to Try This Spring

Spring is in the air and creativity is blooming. This is the perfect time to challenge yourself to think outside the box, try new things and get excited for better times to come. Here is a list of 10 Makeup Trends we think you should try and some MUAs you should be following...

1. Flowers


 I know, I know... Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking. Pero, hear me out the way flowers are being used for make up this season is worth the hype. You can go full out Frida and paint flowers in your face or you can be resourceful grab some petals from your garden and glue them on... GENIUS!


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2. Pastel Colors


 Nothing screams spring is here more than pastel colors, right! And yes it's usually expected on clothing or accessories but pop some of that color on your eyes for a change. You can go full on pastel dreams with eyeshadow or maybe just a quick little pastel wing liner for some fun.


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3. Colorful Brows


 If you're up for some real fun and want to go all in on the colorful hair don't care vibes... you have to try colorful eyebrows. I mean what's more spring than pink, blue or purple hair/streaks & brows to match. 


Try the look with some hair dye/wig/extensions & our Magic Color Liners 


4. Graphic Liner


 If you haven't mastered the art of blending shadows to create unique looks then this is your chance to shine. Don't be intimidated with Graphic Liner it's easier than it looks and will make any look 10 times cooler. Plus there is so many ways you can go about styling graphic liner that there's no wrong way really.


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5. Embellished Eyes


 The Euphoria makeup trend is here to stay at least for a good while, if you haven't tried it yet, spring is definitely the time to do so. Glue on some rhinestones, pearls or even glitter to accentuate the eyes... I mean they are the windows to your soul so bedazzled them curtains baby 


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6. Mod Makeup


 What comes around goes around, that's true about karma, fashion and yes makeup. So let's take it back to the 60's and get some Mod inspo this spring for some far out looks. Mod is all about bright colors like blue, yellow and pink plus a floating eye crease liner paired with some bold lashes... ultimately it's all about creating big doll-like eyes.  



7. Color Blocking


 Ok, I think by now you caught on to the fact that what's trending this spring is basically color. So of course now is the perfect time to color block your eyeshadow or eyeliner. And if you're into the whole opposites attract idea then this is your trend. Color blocking is basically taking opposite colors in the color wheel and pairing them together to make interesting color combos.


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8. White Eyeliner


 Tell me you didn't see Ariana Grande & Lady Gaga serving white liner in their Rain on Me video an love it?! It's such a simple look but it's bold enough you'll be getting all the compliments and have people convinced you are a pro. 


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9. Neon Colors


 Neon colors have been popping for a while now and they will  transition well into the summer. Give them a try with makeup by adding some neon eyeshadow in your inner corners or with some neon graphic liner for two trends in one.  


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10. Color Lashes


 I'm telling you spring is all about that color and because makeup is an art form the more creative you get with it the better. Sure, nudes are pretty but playing with color is so fun! Who doesn't want to be the lady in red, green or purple when everybody else is wearing tan😉 So grab some color lashes or paint your own for an unexpected pop of color this spring.

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Can't wait to see what you create this season make sure to tag us in your looks and go comment your favorite trend in our Instagram post. As a special treat every order this month will get a FREE Plumping Lipgloss while supplies last head over to our shop now!

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