12 Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas Under $20


We're living some strange times but that's no reason to cancel the holidays. I think we can all agree some of that holiday cheer would be nice right about now. You can spread that Christmas cheer like Buddy from Elf by singing loud for all to hear or you can surprise your love ones with some thoughtful regalitos.


I narrowed the list down to 12 online shops cause you know 12 days of Christmas and I found some pretty amazing gifts, if I do say so myself. Plus to make it all even more special these gifts will keep on giving because they're all from small Latina owned businesses y ya sabes when you shop small you're supporting dreams. So without further ado check the list below and thank me later😘.


1. Lil Libros - Bilingual Books for Children $9.99

Lil Libros are the perfect gift for your sobrinitos or kids to introduce them to bilingualism and Latin American culture through picture board books. I recommend getting them the life of Celia Cruz, Selena, Pelé or Walter Mercado... it's never too early to introduce them to the legends.

2. Viva La Bonita - Mini Posters $10

Sometimes all we need is some reassurance that we're doing our best and it shows. Thankfully Viva La Bonita gets us and has some cute mini posters with quotes that would look great in your amigas home office or dorm for when they are back en el college. It'll be like you are there with the pep talk whenever she needs it. 

12.  Hija de tu Madre - Socks $12

Funny how the older you get the more you love getting a cute pair of socks as a gift. Plus to quote Hija de tu Madre directly with socks like these "Your sneaker game will never be the same." Get a pair for that amiga who let's her shoe game do the talking.

3. Mija Cultura - Send Chisme Tote $12

Chisme has no gender so Mija Cultura's Send Chisme Tote makes a great gift for your comadre or compradre. After all, 'tis the year of essentials and what is more essential than a environmentally friendly reusable bag para cuando vayan al farmers market or el swamp meet. 

4. Chiloso Gummy Bear - Holiday Tin with Spicy Gummies $13

Ok, honestly who wouldn't love a tin full of spicy gummy bears? If you can think of one person who would say no, drop them they're toxicos. Now go head and get everyone else in your list a Chiloso Gummy Bear holiday tin and because we agreed we're amigas in the intro make sure you get some for me too cause 🤤 . 

5. La Vela Creations - Unique Artisinal Candles $13

Give a little self care and relaxation to your hardworking hustlers and essential workers, they deserve that and more. Candles are always a great gift but La Vela Creations are so uniquely full of endearing cultural references and smells that even those who've never owned a scented candle before will love it... it'll turn any place into home.

6. Trap Hoops - Trap Bag $14.99

Trap Hoops Trap Bag $14.99
For your homegirl who's lipgloss is always popping and hoops are always on point. Trap Hoops is your plug for bomb jewelry and their trap bags are the perfect goodie gift bags with 2 pairs of hoops, a lip gloss and a brush to lay their egdes a la perfección. 

7. Valfre - Stocking Stuffers 

 For all the creepy cuties in your vida check out the gifts in Valfre's Stocking Stuffer Collection. You'll find keychains, pins, flasks, air fresheners, airpod cases and more all with her edgy, unique, experimental art for under $20.

8. Rizo Curls - 4 Step Travel Kit $19.99

For your girls with the curls or actually anyone with curls shop Rizo Curls they have tons of amazing products that can make a curly hair life a lot easier. Their 4 step Travel Kit will give the recipient a chance to meet and fall in love with the brand...plus some really good hair days.

9. Yo Soy Afrolatina -  Mugs $20 

For the cafecito lovers in your life there's no better gift than a mug with a cute and powerful statement. They also have some super cool tees you might end up wanting one for yourself and that's ok too. 

10. Pinchi Fresa - Tees $18/ $24.99

Ok sooo.... some of the gifts might require a little over $20 but trust me their worth it! Pinchi Fresa statement tees are so clever your amiga fresa with the hood playlist will love them. 

11. La Chiquita Studio - Holiday Door Mat $23.20 

 So you're wondering what about something for the parents or tios, they're always a little harder to shop for. I say check out La Chiquita Studio door mats and give them a smile every time they get to their casita.  

P.S. Covar Beauty - Lashes & Lash Glue $9.99 & FREE

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